Meet Coach Shannon Beck

Each of us possess pronounced gifts and in my case, I entered my career as a coach, not out of idle curiosity, but as a means to fulfill those gifts—gifts I’ve honed through the unique life with which I have been given. These strengths make me excellent in my field; in short, coaching is my calling.

Mature Men

My ability to see a broader perspective, as well as apply intuition and creativity, makes me perfectly equipped to work with men 40 and up.

Young Women

By simply becoming more conscious of who you are and the power you possess, you’ll learn how to navigate the unique obstacles, you face.


One of the most powerful strengths of any great company is the realized potential between women and men in the workplace.

Energy Leadership

Being aware of the energy you are bringing to every moment, fundamentally changes the way you lead others and how others perceive you.

"Helping humanity shift from sustainable to exponential one client at a time."

Getting started is simple!

  • Step One

    Contact me, with any questions. You’re welcome to share with me, what you would like to work on together.

  • Step Two:

    I will email you the information to get started.

  • Step Three:

    I will send you a link to directly set up your first appointment.


Client Testimonials

  • “One of the most incredible things I learned from my coaching sessions was how much STUFF gets in my way. Stuff that I didn’t even know about or fully understand before Shannon would take a single phrase out of something I said in passing, and we would unpack it together until I realized how hurtful that thought pattern was, and how integrated it was into all aspects of my life. Once I began to see those patterns of thinking for what they were, I could understand why I was so stuck, and, most importantly, how to get UNstuck.”

    No longer ruled by fear
  • “I feel like after many years we bury our needs and put our priorities first (work, school, family, helping the world). When I meet with Shannon we are slowly taking off another burden that I’ve carried with me my whole life. Shannon’s guidance shows you that nothing is more important, than you. I’ve learned that people are hesitant to work on themselves. They put it off. When you realize that you are most important, everything else falls into place.”

    Taking off another burden
  • “I highly recommend Shannon’s coaching to anyone who can use some grounding and clarity. At first I was not sure if coaching would help me. I felt generally overwhelmed and was ignoring aspects of my life I knew I needed to somehow address. Shannon’s sweet nature combined with her intuition and knowledge allows her to gently push you forward towards your own truth. She sees you as a person full of potential, and I have found that in the weeks since beginning to consult with her I am more mindful and authentic. I am also forming helpful patterns of thought.”

    Sees you as a person full of potential
  • “Shannon has been a great coach for me – enthusiastic and engaged. She has helped to push me to think about new ways to approach challenging situations and has gently encouraged me to try those different approaches. She is very intuitive, empathetic and insightful; she very quickly honed in on the feelings and inner thoughts that have been behind some of my actions and how I have experienced the world. It has been a great experience working with Shannon!”

    Quickly Honed In
  • “Emotionally stuck dealing with several health issues and their implications on how energetically I would be able to be of service to others…a life quality that is integral to my feeling whole, I asked Shannon to use her coaching skills to help me move forward. Through our work, I have learned: 1) to challenge my limiting beliefs about my health; 2) several strategies for working through pain, jealousy, shame, and anger; 3) identified the “basics” that keep me centered; and 4) have practiced reframing negative thoughts into ones that show possibilities for growth. I highly recommend Shannon as a Coach…I have been working with her once a week for just under two months, and am finding increasing calm, strength, gratitude, and power in my life!”

    Emotionally stuck
  • “Shannon is an inspiring life coach who I have had the pleasure of getting to be coached by over the last several weeks.  In a very short period of time, she has used some powerful techniques that have helped me to realize that I am truly empowered to be who I was created to be.  Better yet, she has helped hold me accountable to take action and improve upon my self-confidence every day!  Life changing!”

    Truly Empowered
  • “Shannon Beck has helped me overcome my doubts and reach for the stars. I went to her seeking career coaching, and she provided me with tailored guidance that enabled me to be at my very best during a job interview. With the aid of the coaching session, I was equipped with confidence and focus, which contributed to the edge I needed to stand out against my competition. As a result, I landed my dream job! Shannon identified my potential from the start and inspired me to fulfill what I’m truly capable of!”

    Reach for the stars