The mature years of a man’s life can be filled with a deep sense of strength and appreciation; but for many reasons, men rarely experience the potential that lays hidden in those later years.

I’m highly suited to work with men 40 and up. My ability to see a broader per-spective, as well as apply tools and strategies, makes me perfectly equipped to work with men just like you. Men at this age trust me. They feel comfortable and even confident in sharing their deepest truths—this isn’t a trust I take lightly. As others may hear your story as just that, I am able to see it in terms of the blocks that are otherwise unnoticeable—giving you the unique, uncritical response that will lead to development.

After working together, you should expect to feel a contentment and clarity that you’ve only longed for in recent years. This movement will push you towards your objectives, or even on to newer possibilities that you never dared imagined. Most importantly, uncovering this hidden potential will bring new energy and will result in the joy and peace that are the very seeds of healthy personal and professional relationships.

What are some common results of men going through the coaching process?

  • Less stress in their personal and professional lives
  • Increased ability to communicate and express themselves
  • Clarity in the decision making process
  • Transitions such as retirement are easier to manage
  • Less stress and judgement of other people’s actions
  • Overcoming procrastination and avoidance of difficult conversations
  • More energy and time
  • Less frustration and anger
  • Boost in self-confidence and value
  • Renewed intimacy in relationships
  • Feelings of emotional wellbeing and confidence
  • Increased ability to lead yourself and others

Getting started is simple!

  • Step One

    Contact me, with any questions. You’re welcome to share with me, what you would like to work on together.

  • Step Two:

    I will email you the information to get started.

  • Step Three:

    I will send you a link to directly set up your first appointment.