Endless Ocean Coaching - Professional Speaking

One of my great passions is to speak to people about the power to change their lives and cultivate a new perspective. I’ve talked to many groups in a wide variety of capacities—each with variations in diversity, age, gender and their own unique challenges.

Below are a few samples of presentations/workshops that can be tailored to your group.

Energy Leadership Presentation

  • Learn the 7 Levels of Energy Leadership™
  • Explore each energy level: its core thoughts and consequential actions
  • Learn and understand techniques that shift leaders to different energy levels
  • Find examples of how each level can affect daily life
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each level
  • Discover how each energy level is helping or hindering one’s performance
  • Find out how energy awareness prompts a better quality of life and more positive leadership

Enhanced Communication for Personal and Professional Life

  • We will examine and identify common examples of poor communication
  • Understand the cost of poor communication
  • We will look briefly at how personality factors into communication
  • Together we’ll examine new approaches in communication and learn how to practice them
  • We will share examples of how these skills and knowledge strengthens personal and professional relationships
  • We will also see how better communication lowers stress levels

Empowerment for Young Women

  • We will take a look at broad patterns seen with women in the workplace and in their personal lives
  • Talk about the blocks that prevent success in personal and professional relationships
  • Explore the cost of staying in old patterns
  • I will also explain multiple strategies of stepping into professional roles, as well as utilizing personality traits and one’s unique strengths

Let’s Talk About Stress

  • What is stress? Where does it come from?
  • We will see how we “relive” stress patterns over and over
  • What are our choices when faced with stress? What can we do?
  • We will look at strategies and coping techniques
  • We will imagine life without stress…Can it be done?

Getting started is simple!

  • Step One

    Contact me, with any questions. You’re welcome to share with me, what you would like to work on together.

  • Step Two:

    I will email you the information to get started.

  • Step Three:

    I will send you a link to directly set up your first appointment.