About Endless Ocean Coaching

Shannon Kelly is a certified professional coach with a passion for strategy, energy leadership and identifying the untapped potential in each of us. She is absolutely fearless in finding ways to move clients forward in their lives. She is also aware of how that shift impacts both the team-level and the company’s larger vision.

Our coaching and training provides businesses and corporations with access to quality tools used to shift entire groups of people into more productive, efficient, solution-oriented thinking. We are highly skilled at quickly unifying groups to take collective action based on the strengths, personalities and values of the individuals that make up those teams. So far, you may have had little luck attempting to accomplish this unified thinking on your own; do not give up! Instead, call in the experts. Shannon sees pain points as excellent opportunities for growth and she can get your team back on the right track.

Often, our clients try to envision paths to future achievements and instead see only brick walls looming before them. Endless Oceans Coaching, on the other hand, see nothing but endless ladders just waiting to be built.

About Shannon Kelly

As an Energy Leadership Coach, I work with teams and individuals to explore strategies for effective and intelligent communication, eliminate blocks to meeting goals, reduce stress, and improve time management, relationships, team building, and wellness. My business, Endless Ocean Coaching, specializes in Energy Leadership Training to increase productivity, reduce intra-office conflict, and lower turnover rates in business environments.

Coaching works for sole proprietors, small teams, or entire departments by addressing–in an approachable way– multiple factors that determine how people interact and work. By removing barriers to personal and professional success, coaching empowers organizations to unlock their full potential. Whether it’s a small business owner intimidated by the steps required to grow or a management team hoping for better employee performance, Energy Leadership Training workshops and individual sessions identify issues and create forward movement.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your organization?