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How to Gain Self-Mastery and Discipline to Reach your Potential

Self-mastery is all about mastering yourself; your mind and body. You exercise complete control over your emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Besides mastering control over what you believe, how you feel and think, the quest for inner peace is also a crucial part of gaining self-mastery and discipline to reach your ultimate potential. When aiming to…

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4 Tips that Will Lead You on a Path to Success

Happiness is the key to success and a healthy lifestyle. However, not many people know where to look for happiness. From a tender age, people are conditioned to aim for the best and seek fulfillment in good jobs, success and fresh achievements that elevate social status. The search for this fulfillment is more likely to make people miserable and unhappy due to pressure and stress. Research carried out among academically prosperous individuals shows that the people were intelligent and successful in their jobs. They make visible social achievements, get work promotions, hefty salaries, bigger and posh homes and fancy holidays. They